High Hension breeding policy

What you need to know when asking a puppy from our kennel:

I plan my breedings for predisposition to work (high willingness to work and to cooperate, excellent structure and stamina), good health and lovely nature. I don't have interest in dog shows, we're focused on training and competing with our dogs in dogfrisbee and sheepdog trials.

Only people who are kind to their dogs and give priority to the safety, health and welfare or their dogs, consider dog as a companion and part of the team and family may become owners of our puppies. I don't accept putting down my pup with no serious reason or re-homeing without serious reason. 

Puppy buyers must have knowlegde about the specific health and behavioural issues which may occur in border collies. Besides, you must know why you decide on a border collie and why on our kennel or combination.

I don't accept picking a puppy by photos or by order of reservation. I truly believe that the team (consisted of a handler and the dog) may work better and be more successful if it's a perfect match of personalities.

If that's possible, I prefer to meet with you before picking up pup, so we can know each other and have a better view of expectations on both ends. And of course you can review our dogs ;)

I sign a puppy contract with each buyer and it's available for earlier insight.

Studs for my females are carefully selected in terms of health, character, structure and working abilities. I only make combinations out of which I'd leave a pup for myself. By choosing breeding couple I try to do my best to minimize the risk of affected puppies in planned litters.

Priority for me is a correct and balanced socialization, pups ride with us for trainings, competitions, to the city and so on. Puppies are exposed to many different sounds (home devices, street, barking dogs, etc) and surfaces (tiles, pavement, wood, grass, sand, etc), meet with adults, kids, other dogs and start their crate training and playing with people. Pups are home raised and fed with high quality dog food.

By choosing our combination/kennel you agree for doing x-rays at least of hips and elbows (shoulders also recommended) at age 12-24 months and agree for share the score and screen of x-ray with me, for publishing all (good and bad) health scores on kennel's website and for placing them in databases regarding health of the breed. Besides, I expect from owners responsible raising of pup including socialization, all-round focused movement, not overtraining, to not start technical trainings too early.

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If you're interested in our litters, please complete attached puppy enquiry form.